About us: the perfect combination

We’ve lived in Milan for 20 years. As our tagline states we want to be an insider guide for Milan this wonderful city, which is in the middle of an explosive development, with all its contrasts between new and old, trend and tradition.






Behind Appsolutely Milano are we, Karin Poulsen  and Yanne Harrington Salomonsen, who have lived in Milan for more than 20 years. We would love to combine our knowledge of the city with your thirst for experiences. If you don’t have a long time to get to know this great yet complicated city, we’ll help you choose the best.

We’d particularly love to show you how you avoid the traditional tourist traps and in stead find those places where the city lives and breathes. What’s new and exciting, what’s got edge? Throw yourself confidently into Northern Italy’s capital with us.