Well organized Milanese public transport to get you from the airport to Milan and round the city

Milan has an excellent, well-organized system of public transport, which we want to tell you about here, but let’s first take a look at what you do when you have just arrived at the airport.

If you’ve come to Milan by plane you’ve landed in either Linate, Malpensa or Orio al Serio. There are good connections with public transport from all three.

Remember to buy your tickets before getting on either bus, tram, train or metro, they don’t sell tickets on board. Tickets can be purchased at either the Edicola (newsstand) or at coffee shops. In some airports there are automatic ticket dispensers at the bus stop. 1 ticket is  €2.00 and is valid for 90 minutes inside Area 1 (light purple on this drawing), which consists of 21 municpalities and has the codes MI1-MI3, on all means of transport including trains. If you wish to go beyond this area, the price increases by €0.40 for each Area from MI4 to MI9. You can also buy a carnet with 10 tickets at €18.00, but you need one carnet per. person. Children under 14 travel for free. You can also get a 24-hour ticket for €7 and a 72-hour ticket for €12.

If your payment card or phone has the contactless function, you can buy tickets in the metro directly at the turnstile , if you use the same card more than 3 times in a day your ticket is automatically converted into a 24-hour ticket at €7.

Linate is the airport closest to the city. The easiest is to take Bus 73 (which is a regular city bus that stops frequently along its route and doesn’t have a lot of space for luggage) or X73 which stops very few times and goes to Piazza Diaz (find on map) behind Piazza Duomo, so just a few steps from Duomo metro station.

Malpensa is Milan’s “new” airport which is about a 1-hour drive from Milan. You can either take the train (Malpensa Express) which goes to Cadorna in the center of  Milan, One way tickets are €13 foma both terminal 1 and 2, a return ticket is only €20, if you purchase it online , or you can take the Malpensa Shuttle, which brings you to the central station (Milano Centrale) one way tickets are €10 – return tickets are €16. We recommend that you take the shuttle at the weekend but the train during the week, because you risk getting stuck in traffic jams with the bus.

Please note that the timetable has been somewhat limited due to Covid;

Departures from Milano Cadorna: first departing train 5.27 am, last departing train 9.57 pm. Trains run every 30 minutes
Departures from Malpensa Terminal 2 direction Milano Cadorna: first departing train 6.20 am  last departing train 10.27 pm. Trains run every 30 minutes
Departures from Malpensa Terminal 1 direction Milano Cadorna: first departing train 6.26 am, last departing train 10.33 pm. Trains run every 30 minutes

Departures from Milano Centrale are once an hour and run between  Milano Centrale, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Bovisa  and Terminals 1 and 2 at Malpensa
The first departing train from Milano Centrale is 5.25 am, last departing train 10.25 pm.
The first departing train from Malpensa direction Centrale is 5.37 am, last departing train is 10.37 pm.

Orio al Serio is actually closer to Bergamo than Milan and it’ll take you about  50 minutes to get to Milan. There is a shuttle service which goes to Milan’s central station (Milano centrale). Tickets are €5 one way and €9 return. You can also take a the public transport bus (ATB) , which gets you to Bergamo central station in about 10 minutes and here you can get the train to Milan. The trip takes about 40 minutes and one way tickets are between €4-9. Here you must also consider that it’s a better idea to take the train during the week, because of possible traffic jams.

If you want to book train tickets from home you do that here

As in every big city in the world you must keep an eye on backpacks and bags when in the metro, there are many pickpockets that operate there, taking advantage of the fact that it’s crowded. Don’t keep your backpack on your back. Hold it in front of you.

The Central station is another place to be extra vigilant; lots of pickpockets take advantage of visitors’ distraction; one trick, they often use, is to ask if you need help when buying tickets. Refuse politely, but firmly

2015-06-04 16.10.07Get the official app for Milan’s public transport (ATM Milano Official App) – read more about it and find the link to download here.

Taxis with fixed fares
Of course you could also take a taxi.There are fixed fares from the airports:

  • Malpensa: €90
  • Orio al Serio: €130-150
  • Linate: €13-15 (normal city rates)

IMPORTANT: Watch out for illegal taxis – the legal ones are white and have the Comune di Milano coat of arms on their front doors.

If you need to call for a taxi and don’t speak Italian the easiest thing is to use the official app myTaxi. Read more about it and find the link for downloading it here.

If you speak Italian the phone number is: +39024040

If, for some reason,  you can’t get a taxi or just want a chauffeur in uniform you know is there when you arrive or need to be driven around town you can contact Autonoleggio CAPRIOTTI, mobile number +393482819594 or email address autonoleggio.capriotti@yahoo.it. Transport from the airport is the same rate as the fixed fares above.

GoOpti Airport Transfer.
If your plane lands or departs at an ungodly hour (you’re the judge of that) there is an alternative to public transport and taxis; the company GoOpti offers cheap rides  between airiports or from your door step to the airport and vice versa. You can book either shared or private rides. The sooner you book the cheaper it is. Book here.

If you’re in Milan for 72 hours or less and want to visit a lot of museums while here it is a good idea to buy the Milan city pass MilanoCard which allows you to use all public transport for free and gives a lot of discounts to museums and restaurants. You must order it online here and then you can pick it up at the airport or central station at the specific MilanoCard points upon your arrival

Milan has 4 metro lines, and a fifth is on the way, plus a lot of buses and trams.

The metro lines that connect the rest of the city to and from Milan’s different stations are:

  • Central Station (Milano Centrale) –  the  green and yellow lines (M2 and M3)
  • Stazione Cadorna – the red and green lines  (M1 and M2),
  • Stazione Garibaldi – the green and purple lines (M2 and M5)

The map also shows where to change between the different lines.

By Arbalete - openstreetmap.org, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42897661Furthermore Milan has the Passante Railway, an underground railway which runs through Milan and connects to the metro lines at the stops Porta Garibaldi (M2 and M5),Repubblica (M3), Rogoredo (M3) and Porta Venezia (M1).Gem