Best accomodation while you are in Milan

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Milan has many hotels and other types of accomodation at all price ranges.

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\ The most popular ones are:Tripadvisor and Yelp.

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Casa degli Atellani

A truly unique apartment
If you’re up to trying something very exclusive (which is much cheaper than you think), rent an apartment by Leonardo da Vinci’s vinyard in Casa degli Atellani witha view over Santa Maria delle Grazie, where Leonardo’s “Last Supper” is situated. For booking and information go to Atellani Apartments.

  1. Live a little more privately
    If you are out for an alternative experience, you can either get a room in an apartment or rent an entire apartment. This will give you a completely different experience of Milan.

    \ You must absolutely check out: Airbnb – please beware that you must update and accept Airbnb’s conditions on your phone app or the website on your computer in order to get access.

Bed and Breakfasts.
There are many options for you if you want to stay in A Bed and Breakfast in Milan. The latest arrival is Rock’n’Roll Home in Via Gluck near the central station (find on map) with only 4 rooms available.
\ Find your bed and breakfast at

Stay at a hostel.
There are 3 amazing hostels in the center of Milan;
Queen Hostel near San Babila at 9, Viale Regina Margherita (find on map)  book here
Ostello Bello near Duomo at 4, Via Medici  (find on map)
Ostello Bello Grande just by the central station Stazione Centrale at 33, Via Roberto Lepetit (find on map),book here
COMBO Milano
in the Navigli area at 83, Ripa doi Porta Ticinese (find on map)
You can also book via remember to book well in advance no matter where you book though.

Stay in the countryside.
The Agritourism Cascina Madonnina is located in beautiful surroundings outside Milan at 17, Via Arluno in Pregnana Milanese (find pn map)  but is still so close to the city that you can go there by metro at just €2,50. The perfect solution if you’re travelling with your children.

City Tax
Visitors (over the age of 18) to Milan have to pay a city tax – or tourist tax as it is also known – as well as the price of the accomodation and which differs according to the tyoe of accomodation you have chosen:
1 star hotels – €2 per person per night
2 star hotels – €3 per person per night
3 star hotels – €4 per person per night
4 and 5 star hotels -€5 per person per night
All holiday appartments and houses, B&Bs – €3 per person per night
Youth hostels and camp sites – €2 per person per night